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Monday, April 19, 2010

Swapper overview and bullies...

Hello my friends!
We had a blast at the Swapper yesterday!
I'm pretty tired today... so tired that I let the kiddos eat fruit snacks for breakfast.
Here is a whrrl overview of the OC Marketplace and a bit about Claim Jumper's awesome customer service last night!! 
Wow... impressive!!

More check-ins at OC Marketplace
Powered by Whrrl
More to come!
But while you wait for the post comment on this story about how I dealt with Eli and Cora Jane's first bully at Chick-fil-a over at the Orange County Moms Blog
Warning: I won't be getting the Mother of the Year award.


cherimarie2 said...

You went to Claim Jumper because we have the same love for restaurants huh? I love that place even more now that you got great service!! Booooo to that bully who even talks back to a mom?!

Brittany said...

Kid bullies are the worst! I hope you hid his shoes...or gave him a nightmare that night about monsters. Crazzy kids nowadays!

Brittany said...

The Monday Madness is just a blog hop. You add your blog and if people are interested they can take a peek and if they are really interested...follow and make new friends. No theme...it's like the Friday Follow that goes around.

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