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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guys' Day Out - Ocean Institute

While us gals were enjoying some bridal shower fun (see the awesome flower bow favors), Hot Hubby took Eli out for a Guys' Day at the beach.
(Pictured large to small. We are 4.5 peas in a pod!)
The boys stumbled upon the Ocean Institute in Dana Point during a search for a fun beach. Our pirate obsessed son was drawn in by the Pilgrim, a tall ship parked in the harbor.
They paid admission ($4.50 for Eli and $6.50 for Daddy) and got to explore the institute! First was the octopus who was surprisingly more active that usual... or so they were told!
Petting the starfish and exploring the pirate ship! (FYI- Don't be late for the 11:45 tour! They got there at 11:47 and had to jump a gate to get in.)
Eli wants one of these at home. I guess the t-ball cannon isn't cutting it anymore!
Daddy let Eli do whatever he wanted... which was throw rocks. Oh to be a 3-year-old boy!

It was a good day!
What better way to top off the Guys' Day than dinner at Red Robin...


AJ and Aly said...

what an awesome day!! for us girls too!! thanks hot hubby for letting me steel your beautiful wifey! what a fun day at the beach!!!

Samantha said...

thanks for the tip. Just made plans on sunday to go. Nice and warm this weekend!

Ashley said...

What a fun daddy/son day! I can't wait til my kids are old enough to have 'daddy dates'!!

cherimarie2 said...

So cute! Did you know that Kai 'just rests his eyes' too? Must be a 9/16 thing!

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