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Thursday, December 24, 2009

December poem...

At the end of November, I put away my beloved hand print turkey, you see... Joyfully to be replaced by our fabulous fake Christmas tree.
Our personal handmade stockings were hung with care.
In every picture Eli is in his underwear.
With style and flare we let the kiddos decorate.
I suppose only their mom thinks it looks great!
We decorated a gingerbread house with candy.
And baked cookies that were just dandy!
Pictures with Santa... Cora wasn't a fan of his lap.
Hot Hubby and I danced the night away on bubble wrap.
The house was covered in lights, a pinnacle of glory!
See it all in this whrrl story...
with Julie and the gals from Project 320.
We broke the "Baby News" which made people gape.
We even caught my parents' delayed reaction on tape...
There were train rides...
...giant slides...
...and silly friends by our sides!
Through all the hustle and bustle it's easy to forget,
the little baby born to give his life for our debt.
Read Luke 2 if you'd like to remember,
our awesome Saviour before all his splendor.
Merry Christmas Eve!!!


Aimee said...

Cute poem! And your Mom's reaction....priceless!!

amymom24 said...

Very cute! And loved the vid, too:) Hilarious, as always! Merry Christmas to you!

rachael said...

great post.

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