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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Are Those Real??

Real or Fake?
The GREAT debate!
I asked my friends and you will see
what they like about their trees.
Passions flare and tempers rise (not really),
keep on reading for a nice surprise (not really)...

Ester over at Sewing the Seed says:

REAL!!! Nothing like taking the kids out to pick the tree, bringing it home and getting needles EVERYWHERE and then being SO type A that you don't want your 2 1/2 year old to touch anything :) THEN, once you get over all of that, you have the great and precious memories!

Patti over at Everyday Grace says:
The Spada's have a lovely fake tree that we inherited from my parents. It is pre lighted, which I love, but it is H-E-A-V-Y, and my dad got tired of muscling it around in the garage rafters...so now we get to. :) In a perfect world, I think we'd prefer a real tree, but that perfect world would need to include Christmas trees that a) don't drop needles EVERYWHERE and b) don't make me crazy worry that the house is going to erupt in flames. So, especially with a 6 month old, fake is the ticket. Plus, pre-lighted is pretty cool. We can get straight to the fun part - ornaments! Like many families, we get an ornament or 2 each year to represent what happened that year. This year, as we pulled out each ornament, we photographed anything that was precious and/or particularly breakable...since I could remember breaking more than a few of my parent's precious ornaments when I was a kid. Like the commercial says, having a baby changes everything.

Jami over at The Roger's Family Life says:

Here's our REAL tree. I am a fan of both real and fake trees. Positives for fake trees...they can't catch on fire and burn your house down and they always have the perfect places to hang ornaments. Positives for real trees...they have that wonderful smell that reminds me of Christmas and it's a fun family tradition going to pick out the tree.

Aimee over at the Gustafson Family says:

Lawrence and I will celebrate 5 years of marriage on the 20th. Since we got married so close to Christmas, we thought it fitting to give Christmas ornaments as wedding favors. We hope that people will remember us when they decorate their tree with it each year and remember helping us celebrate our union. This is by far my favorite Christmas ornament!

Rachael over at The Woodall Family says:
Real or Fake Christmas Tree? We choose... LIVE tree!We have a three year tradition now of buying a potted, live Christmas tree. We decorate it, enjoy it for a few days, then take the tree up on or just after Christmas Day to my hubby's parents' place in Ridgecrest, CA (think Mojave Desert, literally). They've planted the past two trees that we've taken up for them, and the trees have taken root and are growing strong and taller each time we visit. It's fun for our kids (and us!) to see the transformation! We've said each of the trees from the past two years have been for our first two children. We're hoping they don't get the wrong idea when we bring up a third tree this year!

My turn!!! Our tree is fake. I was raised having beautiful real trees (always a Douglas Fur) and I still think I prefer the real thing. Last year my grandmom gave a a fake tree that she got (for practically pennies) when a department store went out of business. I love the size... very narrow to fit in our tiny apartment. We used it last year and it was awesome not having to mess with falling needles, watering, stringing lights and a fire hazard. But overall I think Rachael has the best idea... live tree.

Merry Christmas from our trees to yours!!!

1 comment:

rachael said...

This is such a fun post! Great idea to include other people's thoughts on trees. Good job :)

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