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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Are Famous...

Mom Generations has an awesome Holiday Gift Giving Guide. For 12 days before Christmas they are featuring all sorts of great products. Eli's Lids was featured today (day 9). Best of all you can enter to win these amazing gifties! It is as easy as leaving a comment on their giveaway posts. Check in on Jane's blog every couple of days for the giveaways. You'll quickly be addicted to all three of the Mom Generations blogs!
Check out Eli's Lids on this video.
They couldn't say enough great things about our Lids! But two features that aren't mentioned in the video....
The brim will quickly curve to the shape of your little one's head the more they wear it.
The Lids are hand dyed by me.
Check out all the Mom Generations blogs here.
Thank you Audrey!!


rachael said...

That's MY son! :) He's so cute.

rachael said...

How cute are those moms!? What a great promo on their site! Yay ELIS LIDS!!!

My son wears that same hat all the time, too :)

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