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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Homemade Christmas! Clothes I love...

One of my good friends, Ester, has an awesome company called Sewing The Seed... it's inspiring, fun and cute to boot!! Ester and I have known each other since before kids... whatever that means! And she is super cool... very funny... I must say... I'm still in stitches about the tranny talk we had at the last b-day party (inside joke).
Sewing the Seed rules! Ester has created about a kazillion adorable designs. Take a peek at her site... it's super fun because you pick the tee you want then you get to customize it with her unique designs. This year she gave my kiddos the best shirts... and I should have had Eli wear it for the Christmas card!!
I got to ask Ester a few questions... now you get to read her answers...
How did you get the name Sewing the Seed?
I believe God gave me the name, Sewing The Seed, when I told Him that I wanted to create images for clothing that would bring Him some recognition and glory. So hopefully the images will get you to think about God and how much we are loved by Him.
Tell me a bit about your cute stick figure drawings...
The images and characters are all pretty simple...I don't consider myself an "artist" by any means, I'm more of a "doodler" and so I'll get an idea and just start scribbling, sooner or later something comes of it and I'll try to attach scripture or encouragement with it so that it makes you smile.
Do you have a favorite design?
I think one of my favorite designs is the HEAVEN SENT angel.
What inspires you?
As for what inspires me, hopefully it's obvious...God's love for us! And now that I have kids of my own, I try to create images that I would want them to wear :)

Isn't Ester great?!?
I asked our friend Sarah to take a few shots of her kids in their Sewing the Seed shirts. Her email with the pictures said, "These were the best we could get."
All her pictures were AWESOME!

These were the "best" we could get...


Jon and Melissa said...

Hey I have emailed a couple times about a lid. Do I have the rt email for ya?

Ginny said...

Love the picture comparisons, so funny!

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