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Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Official... we're amazing...

Eli's Lids has been featured on Mom Generations' Thursday Kid Find!!

Go here to see the rave review!

We love the gals at Mom Generations! Their site is a great resource for women of all stages and ages. Take a peek :)

(if you watched Design Star you totally laughed out loud after reading the title of this post)


Jodie said...

Kara Noel,

I got the lids yesterday. They are so cute. Will post pics to my blog of my son in his...after I decide which one I will keep since I want him to have all of them!

Rachel C. said...

Your hats have to be the cutest kid hats I've ever seen!

Eric and Lindsay said...

Not just the cutest kids hats...but the cutest kids in them! I love Eli and Cora. How beautiful is your little girl, and not so little!

Nissa said...

Congrats!!! That's pretty awesome. I'm glad to see that word's getting out about your adorable lids!

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