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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stockings Were Hung on the Hutch with Care...

I have been under the weather (cough cough sniffle sniffle) so I have neglected my cleaning duties and have been blog hopping instead.
Blog Hopping = Going from one blog to another without rhyme or reason or a care in the world! It is fun and addicting so only try it with the utmost willpower!! (term I made up)
I stumbled upon Mommy Sweet Mom. This "sweet mom" has a fun linky called Things in My House Thursday. Isn't that the coolest idea?!?! This will be a great way to hear some back story about the things most precious to each other.
In keeping with the Christmas season I am showing off our stockings. These stockings were handmade by my Aunt Patti!! Each stocking is personalized with the things we love... keep in mind that Patti had no patterns for these she is just THAT creative!
Hot Hubby's Stocking:
Burger, fries and a soda from In N Out Burger. INO (yes, we love it so much we have an acronym for the place) holds a special place in our hearts, tummies and pocket book!
Baseball and mitt represent his love for playing baseball. He doesn't watch it on TV just loves playing! I get to watch his studlyness for about an hour a week on the field... eye candy!
The cross intertwined with a "K" are his two greatest loves
My Stocking:
Ballet tutu and toes shoes... I danced my whole life and I was even going to minor in dance in college until I realized that recitals don't go on a resume. I'm going to start up again at the Jr college in January... I'm sure I'll be blogging about it.
Candy, oh how I LOVE candy. If I didn't have this addiction I would be a size 3!
The cross and my Hot Hubby are things I adore... but in different ways!

Eli's Stocking:
The snowman... Eli was an adorable 1 year old and a snowman is adorable... but not as adorable as Eli.
The car... little boys LOVE cars, though I think we will have to add a choo choo train to it now.
Baseball stuff... well Hot Hubby is hoping that his "mini me" will love playing baseball just as much as he does.

And for the finale... A picture of our stocking on the hutch (my favorite piece of furniture, thanks Mom and GG!). What's missing? Cora Jane's stocking. I wonder what Patti's gift to us will be this year

Wasn't this fun? You should do it too! Just go here and add your link :)


Susan said...

I love that you have joined Things in My House Thursday! I'm new to it recently, and it IS fun. Wow - your stockings are so cute. I wish I had an Aunt Patti! I love how they feature all your interests. Merry Christmas!

Kristie said...

I love the personalized stockings! You're Aunt Patti is so talented!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

MSM said...

Welcome to TIMHT - thanks for joining in the fun of 'snooping' in other people's houses :) !!

These are the coolest stockings I've ever seen - I really mean that. I love (but can't do well) quilting, collage, personalization - and your aunt put all that together in something useful and fun.
Now I can't wait to see Cora Jane's stocking!

momma said...

thanks for "hopping" over to my blog the other day - i'm a bit behind on my comment correspondence :)

cute lids!!

Sara said...

Thanks for hopping by my blog. I love your stockings. We only have what I had growing up. I thought about making the girls their own this year but I wouldn't know what to do with the other ones so we're still using mine from childhood.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Love your stockings! I have hopes of making something like that next year :)

So glad you found my blog in the midst of your hopping :)

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