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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Crafts Part 1: Countdown Chain

Make this Advent Chain to countdown the days till Christmas!!
This is so simple for young kiddos to do. Print this on the paper of your choice, cut, then staple. Starting December 1st (you'll need to catch up on a few days... oh well!) you tear one loop each day till Christmas.

Melted chocolate chips and animal crackers... this is addicting and I highly recommend it to curb an emergency chocolate craving.

Eli thinks peeling crayons is the bee's knees... I think he remembers our crayon melting fun. Or maybe he just likes peeling paper off crayons...


Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Love this! I think all kids like to peel the paper from crayons. What's WITH that?!?

Will have to try the choc chips/animal cracker snack. Always seem to have both of those in the house! MMMMM....

mary beth said...

I had forgotten about Advent Chains....I will have to remember for next year. We used to make these in grade school. ahhh...the memories. Thank so much for sharing the fun!

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