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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Knows!!!!!

Dear Thief Who Broke Into Our Car Last Night Between Midnight and 6:30am,

Do you remember the humble '03 elantra you broke into last night? The one with the 2 car seats in the back? You smashed in the passenger side window and scattered glass chunks throughout the WHOLE car. All you stole was my beloved GPS, in which I affectionately call Gerald Pierce Sterling (G.P.S. - get it?... he has a British accent). You found him in the center console hidden under my sunglasses and phone charging cord... which leads me to believe that you might live in our neighborhood. I don't know who you are but Santa does! So I'm sure you will get coal in your stocking!! Actually, you will probably have a great Christmas... car radios and all the other stolen goods stacked around your Christmas tree just waiting to be sold on ebay... ug! Well even more important than Santa... God knows!! And while you are reaping the benefits of your robber escapades now, you will reap the consequences later!!! My sweet Gerald is fully loaded with my favorite songs by Jars Of Clay and David Crowder Band. And when you turn him on my favorite picture of Hot Hubby and I flashes on the screen while everything is loading.
Don't you worry about me though. My Hot hubby has already arranged for someone to clean up the car and replace the window. Even as I wite this, they are fixing what you destroyed.
The saddest part is that Gerald (while I adore him) is rather old in the GPS world. His maps are outdated and you would actually have to spend money to update him. Which you probably won't do! So my dearest Gerald will just be junk to you, and since you have no regard for things you'll probably just throw him out and steal a better model from a Lexus! Shame on you and all your houses!
Kara-Noel and the Family
Side Note:
If you have been saving the pink breast cancer yogurt lids, they are due by the 31st so send them out today. I did.


cherimarie2 said...

Oh that stinks! Baa humbug to the robber! Don't worry KN Jesus has a new GPS waiting for you in heaven where he is wearing a cool adult lid!

Eric and Lindsay said...

Oh NO! He will get his just due in time. Good for you for making light of the situation by posting. It's amazing what some people do to get by in this economy. I pray this was the very last time one of your cars will be broken into!!!

Deanne said...

Ahhh....I love your blog! How fun! Thanks for stopping by mine and saying 'hi'!

How sad to hear about the stinkin' thief! Maybe it'll help him find Jesus? :)

Mommy Daisy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And I appreciate the opinion on the shoes. Right after I posted it, I thought, you know I think I like the ones with the flowers the best. Ahh, what a decision.

I'm so sorry to hear about your car. Glad it's getting fixed. Someone actually broke into mine a while back, but I'd apparently left it unlocked. They took nothing. (If they'd have known what they were doing, they would have realized the car seat and stroller was worth a lot.) I was most mad that they came that close to my house looking for money. It scared me that someone that mean/evil was that close to my baby sleeping in his bed inside this house. Grr. I know the will get what's coming to them.

Amy said...

Sorry to hear about your car. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

Olivia S. said...

I'm sorry your Gerald was stolen. A thief visited my block too and took my mom's cell phone, my neighbor's backpack w/ purse, and my other neighbor's spare change! At Chris's house, a thief took my credit card that i had left in his center console. It makes me feel so discouraged when I think how hard we work... and to just have things stolen and broken. lame.

Jon and Melissa said...

Dude that sucks. What a horrible thing to do to someone. I hate robbers but I hope the thug gets what due to him and he can rock out to worship music and outdated maps. I bet he feels like a real dork now.

Laura said...

Wow, that is horrible!! I hope the police can track the people who did this to you. I can't believe they broke the window!

Sara said...

Sorry about your car. THat really stinks. LIked your letter to the offender. Tis the season, our house was broken into last week. Took our really nice TV that had been given to us and our new camera - a gift from hubby to me with some extra $$ that came from something (can't remember what now). We think it was a "neighbor" too.

Carey said...

Sorry to hear about your break in. I hope the person gets caught.

Mrs. H said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (& commenting!) :)
I'm so sorry to hear about your break-in. Errrr!

rachael said...

Boo & bah-humbug, bad burgler.

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