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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Homemade Christmas! Socks I Love...

My friend Cheri makes these adorable socks!!!
I think they are just dandy!
So does Cora...
She plays with them during car rides...
You should go to Cheri's etsy shop and get them too. Or you can email her through etsy for custom orders. These little sockies would make great stocking stuffers for girls of all ages. And shipping is FREE!!!

Cheri and her husband, Devin, reside in Illinois with their two little boys, Kai and Nash. Devin is a worship leader and Cheri is a mama extraordinaire!
Silly Facts:
~Devin and Cheri were married on my birthday, 7/25.
~Kai and Eli have the same birthday almost to the minute... a year apart!
~Cheri and I worked at Rock Harbor together (first tiny picture on this post).

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