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Friday, February 26, 2010

Ode to 5 Years of Bliss! (aka Closer by Jars of Clay)

(engagement 9/13/04)
I’ll drop out of the race for more personal space
Cuz the rocket’s we're in, get’s so cold and I miss your skin
that’s just how I’m feelin.
(wedding 2/26/05 & 1 year anniversary in Hawaii 2/26/06 - few months preggers with Eli)
If you need more love, well you’ve got to get close to me
If you want my love, well you’ve got to get closer to me
(Going into labor with Eli 9/15/06)
No unreachable itch, if you hemorrhage I’ll stitch
You are tears, I’m a cheek, I’m a pail on your boat with slow leaks
out to sea for weeks

If you want my love, well you’ve got to get close to me
If you need my love, well you’ve got to get closer to me
Oh, if you want my love
(Cora Jane born 2/14/08)
I don’t understand why we can’t get close enough
I want your kite strings tangled in my trees all wrapped up
I don’t understand why we can’t get close enough
I’ll be the comets that are fallin’ from the sky you light up…light up
(Dancing the night away 12/6/08)
You’re my shirt iron-on
I’m the tick, you’re the bomb
You’re the L and the V, I’m the O and the E
Am I speaking clearly?
(4 year anniversary 2/26/09)
If you want my love, well you’ve got to get close to me
Ooh, if you want my love…
(Annual Pageant of the Masters 7/18/09)
I don’t understand why we can’t get close enough
I want your kite strings tangled in my trees all wrapped up
I don’t understand why we can’t get close enough
I’ll be the comets that are fallin from the sky you light up
(hot date in LA last week)
Because I don’t understand why we can’t get close enough
I miss the shivers in my spine every time that we touch.

Lyrics by Jars of Clay (Hot Hubby's Favorite Band)
This is my favorite Love Song right now!
Listen to it here!
(The whole CD is amazing but this song is addicting!!)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where's my lollipop? - Wordless Wednesday

The inspiration for Eli's Lids inspires me again...
More Wordless Wednesday visit Angry Julie Monday, 5 Minutes for Mom.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is your birthday on a holiday?

I may have mentioned once or twice (or a million times) that Cora's birthday is on Valentines Day.
Side Note: She was due on February 5th and the ONLY day I DIDN'T want her to be born was on Valentine's day. Ha! Sure enough that little sucker came 9 days late, on V-day!
 After she was born I couldn't help but be sad that she was going to get shistered on her birthday every year by her future husband or she would be one of those folks that has such a high expectation for their birthday that nothing could ever live up.
My idea to off set the future therapy factor is to celebrate Valentine's Day on the 13th. That way...
a) Cora gets her actual Birth Day to herself
b) Eli isn't getting a gift on his sister's actual birthday (because it is totally lame if your sibling gets a gift on your birthday... I mean shouldn't they learn to be excited when someone else gets something special and not feel entitled to something themselves!)
c) If we do her birthday after the V-day festivities then (my thought is) the birthday is what will be most remembered.
What do you think?
I need to know.
Is your birthday on a holiday? (or near one?)
What did your parents do that totally sucked?
What did they do that was totally awesome?

So here is what we did for Valentines Day... you know... the one on February 13th!
I picked up these Dr Seuss DVDs for 5 bucks each after Christmas.
They love em'!
Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
The animators were most definitely high as a kite when they put together these shows.
Oh well!
What harm can it do?
 She already has the muchies!!

My grandmom brought to my attention that I may offend families who do sibling gifts on birthdays. If you do sibling gifts, don't be offended. Be proud of your family tradition and think I'm lame :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birthday Cupcake Dessert

(Tutu made by Cheri. Check her out here.)
A few cupcakes + sprinkles + awesome cake plate + whimsy candles =
Kick a&$ Birthday Dinner Dessert!
Cora made this funny face the whole time we sang to her...
She got used to the whole thing as soon as she had a cupcake in her hand...
It's so easy to make birthday's special for you little ones! She'll have a party on another day but on her actual brithday we always do something!
(Since Cora's bday is on Valentines, we have another tradition I'll share tomorrow... and I'm going to want your opinion if you have a holiday birthday in your family!!)
Do you do a birthday dessert or something else special on your kiddo's actual Birthday?
(If you have a post about it leave the link in the comments! I would love to get ideas!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogs I love button!

Instead of having the blogs I read in my sidebar I'm giving them a button.
"Why?" (you ask)
Easier to keep updated!!
So from now on just click on this little beauty to see the blogs I frequent!
I promise you adore them!!
I tried to categorize them but it's tough... many are so great they are hard to put in a box... the best thing for you do do would be to visit each of them and add them to your reader :)
My new blog:
Small Things are Big Things

My all time favorite blog...

For laughs:

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Cora Jane Day!

Two years ago today Hot Hubby and I received the
best Valentines Day gift ever.
Cora Jane
 8 pounds 6 ounces of pure snuggle.
She still totally rules!
In case you celebrate whatever (lame) holiday it is today...
here is a simple garland you can make this afternoon!
Cut felt hearts and sew right down the center. I ran them through once with red and again with pink. Love it!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hand into Heart - Valentine's Day Craft

I love this sweet Valentine's Day craft!
So simple.
And it doubles as a V-Day decoration and childhood keepsake.
Kinda like the Hand print Turkeys!

~Paint one sweet little hand like this:
~Stamp. (I did Cora in pink and Eli in red)
~Repeat on the other side, making a heart shape on the paper.
Do a few practice runs, especially if you are doing it on a canvas and only get one shot.
(I had to press their pinkys down on the paper because it didn't get enough paint on the paper without an extra push.)
~Frame (couple of bucks at IKEA)

Need something Valentine's Day-ish to decorate your pad.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Donut Shister

We like donuts.
The white cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.
We have come to the realization that the donut place by our house is a bit chincy with the chocolate frosting.
What do you think?
How much do you love the doilies!?!
They are on one of my maternity skirts (thanks Rachael).
I'm going to modify it to regular after baby because I love it so much!

Side Note:
We only eat the tops of our donuts around here.
When will a donut place smarten up and cover the whole thing with that thick sugary goodness!?!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bosh Images

A few months ago I met Noel from Bosh Images through the wonders of the internet!
Of course I had to comment on her awesome name (the second part of my name!) and I quickly discovered that she is an amazing local photographer!
And she offers some pretty awesome classes for those of us who aren't as amazing with the camera.
See the Bosh Images portfolio on their website here.
Check out their blog here.
A bit about the classes here.
(P.S. Their next class is sold out BUT a little birdie told me
Eli's Lids will get to giveaway
a seat for one of the
upcoming classes.
Check out their sites and keep posted for the giveaway.)

I got to do a little interview with Noel. She's great see...
Tell us a bit about your family...
I have one adventurous five year old, and one active thirty-five kid that i take care of daily. I was a teacher for 10 years when my son was born, and I knew I needed to find something to do that would allow for a much more flexible schedule so that I could play a more active roll in my sons life.
When did you start Bosh Images...
Growing up with two parents that were photographers, I have been taking pictures with a SLR camera since I was 11. It was only until just recently that I began to charge people so that I could afford to quit my teaching gig. It has been one of the best decisions of my life. Following your heart can have huge rewards that cannot be measured monetarily.
I love the concept of “anytime-art!” How did that idea develop?
Anytime-art stems from two concepts that I dealt with daily. After I quit teaching, I missed the opportunity to help others learn. I longed to be back in the classroom for that reason. Secondly, I had moms asking me daily how I was able to take the pictures I took. Realizing that many of them had as good a camera as I did, I began to realize the need for the class. Meeting Mali just sealed the deal!
What inspires you?
Inspiration? Inspiration comes from everywhere. The first time I saw a Gauguin painting in real life, it took my breath away. I am always inspired by the art around me. Watching the sun in the early morning, snow falling, wildflowers growing, kids playing all inspire me to create. Most of all, when you are a creative person, you have a need/desire to create, and that is why this class has been so successful. Creative parents are inspired to create a memory of their child how they see them everyday. That is the power of being able to create art using your children as the subjects.

Thanks for the chat Noel! Can't wait for the giveaway!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine Candy Necklace Craft

This is a craft your kiddos will beg to do with you.
Make these as Valentines for the whole class!
You'll need:
Cut the plastic wrap to about a yard long then lengthwise. So you'll have 2 long skinny strips.
Be sure to leave 1-2" in between each candy. You can do more than one candy in each section. I did 9 sections total.
I thought we were going to lose fingers with this next step...
Tie a 3-5" ribbon inbetween each of the candies or candy clusters.
Curl the ribbon (or not) and wear!
I'm going to go pass out now... I mean, I ate like 40ish pieces of chocolate.
 I think baby #3 is going to be born addicted to sugar!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Potty Break

What's going on back there?!?
More Wordless Wednesday fun go here.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi Ultimate Blog Party goes,
This is a post from 2 months ago but I just found the party and I didn't want to miss out on the action!
I can't wait to meet you!!
For more UBP posts head on over to 5 Minutes for Mom!

It seems that every year or so a buzz word finds it’s way into my brain and shapes my views of life and parenting.
I’m not talking slang buzz words like radical, bitchin’ or whatever.
Last year it was intentional.
As in…
Be intentional about date nights with Hot Hubby.
Intentionally be silly with the kiddos everyday.
When we go places be intentional about teaching children about other cultures and helping the lost and needy.
Fold the laundry… God knows I gotta be intentional about that!
Get the idea?
This year my word has been perspective.
It came to me when…
(photo by Suzane Broughton over at Alive in Wonderland)
While Eli was in preschool Cora Jane and I would get to go on Mommy Date Days.
Library, park, lake… sometimes laundry.
This day our date was at the Irvine Spectrum.
I let her loose, and basically just followed her around anywhere she wanted to go.
Around the planter 14 times. Sure!
Splash a bit in the fountain… maybe even dangle our toes. No problem!
It’s her time.
Cora quickly discovered the giant Ferris wheel.
She was in awe.
She plopped her dimpled diapered bottom in the middle of the walkway to watch the wheel’s slow turning.
I plopped with her.
She clapped.
She danced.
She was brimming with delight only a child has.
We watched that lovely lazy spin for half an hour.
How wonderful that I got to see those giant pieces of steel and mechanics through my daughter’s perspective.
We had just enough time left to go to golden spoon (Side note: I worked at golden spoon back in the day and it’s still my favorite of all the frozen yogurts).
We sat outside so I could people watch… I mean so Cora could still enjoy watching the Ferris wheel.
The Irvine Spectrum is an awesome place to people watch.
REALLY! Put on your best people watching sunglasses… the big dark ones and head on over.
Quite a few stereotypical Orange County women walked by.
Laden with shopping bags, fake hair, plump collagen lips, perky silicon boobs and of course, personally trained bodies.
Wow… wonder about her perspective!?!
Then a group of mentally challenged adults came by with their caregivers. They were in their late 20s and 30s. You could tell they were excited about their outing. Chatting about things they wanted to buy and restaurants they were going to try. Their caretakers were great and you could tell everyone was happy. The group sat near us for lunch.
Then one of the men noticed the Ferris wheel.
He was in awe.
He clapped
He danced.
He was brimming with delight only a child has.
He watched that lovely lazy spin for almost half an hour.
How wonderful that I got to see those giant pieces of steel and mechanics through this man’s perspective.
Then for some reason I started to weep.
Not cry.
I mean full-on shallow breath flooding tears weep.
(Thank God I was wearing my people watching sunglasses!)
I’m not sure why I was so touched by the 3 perspectives.
Was it because plastic OC lady was sucked into a world of self?
Was it because the man I was watching, never experienced getting his license on his 16th birthday, or will probably never get married, have children or be completely independent?
Because he will forever be a child and stare in simple wonder at things like the Spectrum Ferris wheel?
Or because someday my daughter won’t?
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