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Monday, August 18, 2008

Biter Biscuits of Death

I discovered with my first child, Eli, that Biter Biscuits can be pretty dangerous. Let me elaborate...

Excited to try new foods with my son, I gave him a Biter Biscuit and after about 30 slobbery seconds of gumming the thing he "bites" off a bit and starts choking. I then went and got the net pacifier thing (pretty cool invention) and it worked but was still a TOTAL mess.

Today my son (now 2) finished a piece of pizza and left the crust so I gave it to my 6 month old, Cora, and it was a total hit!!! And the hard outside was strong enough to hold the whole thing together as she gummed the soft inside. I think I'm on to something. Here is a flashback picture of Eli with a killer biscuit... I mean biter biscuit. And a picture of Cora gumming the pizza crust :)

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