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Friday, August 15, 2008

Oxiclean vs. Hand Soap

We just received the Eli's Lids tee shirts and they are fabulous! Of course I had to have Eli wear one out to a family dinner at Home Town Buffet (yes, my family goes there, with 20+ people's likes to cater to... we love that place). Eli proceeded to get jello, beans, spaghetti sauce, chocolate, mac & cheese and so much more on the shirt. We got home and I scrubbed the heck out of it and then let it sit in a sink of oxiclean overnight, but many of the spots were still there. I then scrubbed it more, to no avail. After breaking a sweat and using a few choice words I noticed the hand soap...mmmm. A squirt of that and a few scrubs and the shirt was as good as new.
The shirt has passed the Home Town Buffet test!!!
Hand Soap Wins :)

Here is a picture of Eli (and his beautiful cousin Hannah) in the shirt right after dinner.

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