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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Use What You Got Salad

Having a toddler at home means we ALWAYS have grapes and string cheese on hand. Here is a simple salad using what you already have in your fridge!

Use What You Got Salad
  • Lettuce - use spring mix or add some spinach to fancy it up
  • String Cheese - cut it in half or in quarters before slicing to disguise the string
  • Grapes - Red grapes add some nice color. If you have never had grapes on salad you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much flavor it adds... you may not even want to use dressing!
My husband likes balsamic vinaigrette on this salad, but for me the grapes are enough. This salad is VERY kids friendly, as they already love 2 out of 3 ingredients.

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