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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The website is coming!

It's official (kinda), the website should be up sometime in September! Here are some of my favorite silly pictures from our photo shoot last week. All the truly amazing ones will be on http://www.elislids.com/ soon... we hope :)

Eli and I sporting our Lids, Dark Grey and Light Grey. We are wearing the same size!!!

Ella looking up toward the M & M's wearing the Reversible Heart and Skull Lid

Eli's silly face in the Light Grey Snowboarder Lid.

Bella showing off the reversible Black and Red Surfer Lid.

Cole trying to explain to me that Anakin Skywalker turns into Darth Vader wearing the Red Snowboarder lid.

Sophia showing us her attitude in the Limited Quantity Blue Lid w/ Navy Open Star.

Jonas can't sit up yet so I'm trying to prop him up. He is wearing the reversible Yellow and Skull Lid.

Creative Iris wearing the Brown Snowboarder Lid with an orange and yellow bow added.

Hannah playing peek-a-boo in the Lavender Snowboarder Lid

Eli doing the "happy dance" after I brought out M&M's as bribery to smile! Wearing the Dark Grey Snowboarder Lid

Ethan is ready to walk off the set wearing the reversible Blue and Skull Lid.

Cora holding on for dear life wearing the Pink Argyle Tee with her over sized bling binky.

Hayden imitating his little sister Sophia's (above) attitude. He is wearing the Limited Quantity Blue Lid w/ Black closed Star & Vintage Tie Tee.

Hats off to JP for wearing the
reversible Thermal Green and Skull Lid!!!!

Thank you to all our Friends who made this photo shoot happen. We are so blessed to have you in our lives... and that you have such beautiful children!!!



RCW said...

The writing looks better, though it's a longer post now (which is fine). Good job blogging! :) Is there any way to make the Eli's Lids logo at the top right a link to your website??


RCW said...

The one of Eli doing the "Happy Dance" is my favorite. He looks like he could - flash forward - be 16 years old! Gosh!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Oh my, these are ALL so cute! And your blog is looking wonderful. It's so fun to read, glad I stopped by.:)
xo Lidy

Jon and Melissa said...

Look at these cuties!! When are you going to add babylegs to the biz? Or have Cora model them w/ her shirt....

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