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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Funny husband story...

Oh my dear husband! I'm about to share a story about my man that could be considered somewhat male bashing... but it isn't... it is just a typical husband story (we all have them). Before I share the story, just to be sure it isn't taken the wrong way I'm going to use one of tools we learn our premarital class: "It takes 5 positive comments to cancel out one negative comment."
1. My husband is a real Man. He is the culmination of everything a Man should be... a man of integrity, honor, responsibility, and compassion.
2. He is a total hunk! 3. He adores everything about me (even the things that aren't adorable). 4. He changes poopy diapers WITHOUT complaining (and all sorts of other daddy stuff too). 5. He works hard to provide for us and doesn't complain... in fact, he loves his job. The story...
We were having dinner guests and I asked my Love to pick up a "pre-packaged salad" from Trader Joe's on the way home from work. You know the kind... with dressing and toppings in the bag? Simple, right? Wrong. He comes home with a rainbow mix of just lettuce. No problem, I have cherry tomatoes, cucumber and bell peppers. I was in a rush so I chopped and served. Dinner starts. Salad is served. Salad tastes horrible... bitter. I'm cleaning up after dinner and actually look at the bag. It says "greens for cooking" & "cut cleaned and ready to cook." Um, yeah, he bought raw greens. Now I understand my mom's bright smile when she tells the story of sending my dad to the store to get tomato paste and he came back and said that the grocery store doesn't carry it anymore or when she sent him to get one green extension cord for the Christmas tree and he came home with 9 brown ones because they were on sale.
Our men... we love them!!

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