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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Race for Pink Eye

7:00 am:
I'm awake! I'm excited because Eli's Lids is going to participate in the Susan G Komen Race For The CureGee... my eyes are watering...

I'm sill searching for parking... this is not fun... I start to cry and almost leave. Ouch, my eyes burn when I cry! Found parking. All Right... ready to walk.

Meet up with the group. Those of us bound by strollers will walk and the brave few will run the 5K (you go Adam, Ken, Alan and Bryan!!). Of course I would run if I didn't have a stroller... ha!!!
Sun glasses are a must! My eyes hurt in the light :(

9:30-10:40 am:
Enjoy chatting with my buddies (you go Jami, Lynne and Donna!). I am unexpectedly moved by all the people walking. Their shirts are covered in names of family and friends who have won or lost the battle with breast cancer. The survivors wear pink shirts. Donna wears a pink shirt.
Gee... it isn't sunny... why are my eyes burning?

I have been pushing 70+ pounds for over 3 hilly miles... I'm tired, sweaty and kinda depressed seeing the names of mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts and grandmothers who have been taken from their families.
We cross the finish line!!! They announce all the survivors names over the loud speaker as they finish the Race. Their group cheers for life. This is JOY!
Ouch... oh yeah I can't cry... my eyes hurt.

What do you do when you get a group together for anything??? EAT!! Me and my burning eyes get our food at Red Robin....mmmm. Eli puts all his oranges in his hamburger then proceeds to eat only the oranges.
"Gee, KN, are you OK? We can get this food to-go."
"Oh no no, I'm fine...(wincing in pain)."

Time to drive home. "Umm... I really can't see to drive, can someone give me a ride?"
Writhing in pain the long ride home. I'm just sure I have some disease...

Waiting at urgent care with my hot hubby and my adorable children. Too bad I can't see anything. I'm just sure I'm going blind... I'll never see Cora grow up or Eli play tee ball... pity party of one...

PINK EYE!!!!!! You have got to be kidding! This hurts like... and I have been through natural child birth.

Home. Hot Hubby lovingly puts drops in my eyes. I disinfect EVERYTHING in the house.

My mom (Suzie Says) describes Pink Eye the best. "It feels like someone lifted up your eyelid and blows a handful of dry sand up there and smashes it back down"
Eli slept and ate through the whole Race. Yes, I bribed him with fruit snacks. And No, I'm not ashamed.
Cora cried about 85% of the time. Is 7 months too young for fruit snacks?

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