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Friday, September 5, 2008

I think I'm so creative...

So I ran out of baby food and Cora needed to eat (so demanding... ha). I looked in the fridge to see what I could muster up. Bananas. Strawberries. Rice Cereal. Good! Mash up some banana... mash up a strawberry and add a bit of rice cereal... instant baby food. The whole time I'm doing this I'm thinking... "Wow, I'm so creative!" Mmmmmm... I just mashed up some fruit and added cereal.... so I'm not really creative.
Here are my not-so-creative baby food ideas:
(add rice cereal to thicken & water to thin on all of these)
1) Mash banana, strawberry. Nuke the strawberry to cook out potential allergy stuff.
2) Mash up mango
3) Mash up your sides at dinner. I've done rice, beans, noodles...

I'll add more to this blog whenever I'm not feeling creative!


Jami said...

Wonderful idea! Why spend money on expensive baby food when you can just use the food in you fridge!

RCW said...

Hey KN - Strawberries were one of those "highly allergic" foods... just wanted to make sure moms are careful to watch for allergies on this fruit! Especially on the really young 'uns :)


Eli's Lids said...

I got the idea from baby food. Strawberry/Banana/Apple flavor. After 6 months it is usually fine.
But if you have a history of food allergies keep in mind that fresh strawberries can sometimes cause food reactions in babies. Cooked strawberries, usually do not.

More info from babycenter.com: Seed fruits can occasionally cause an allergic reaction in children. Wait until your baby is six months before giving them. Allergic reactions to these types of fruit and vegetables are usually mild, and often just affect the mouth, causing some itching or a rash where the food touches the lips and mouth. This is called oral allergy syndrome.

More info from BabyWorld.co.uk: You do have to be careful with certain foods at this age, but once your son is six months old, he can take virtually anything that you take. I do not see any problem with him having strawberries. Sometimes citrus fruits can cause a problem, but strawberries and other soft fruit should be OK, though watch out for pips. Also, it’s a good idea to offer only one new food at a time so that you can look out for any adverse reaction.

Signs of an alergic reaction:
Here are several things you might note that may indicate baby has a potential allergic reaction or intolerance to a food.

Sudden loose, diarrhea stools and/or vomiting

Sudden rashes on the skin and bottom

Runny Nose


Irritability and/or gassiness after a new food/meal

Breathing or other respiratory troubles after a new food/meal

Swelling of the Face, Lips and/or Tongue

Closure or tightening of the throat

Thanks for looking out Rachael!!

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