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Monday, September 29, 2008

Nie Nie Benefit Sale...

I have recently become slightly obsessed with the Nielson Family (picture above) of the Nie Nie Dialogues (Wow, I finally figured out how to create a link!).

Long story short...
Christian and Stephanie Nielson, parents of 4 children, were in a private plane crash. The flight instructor died in the crash. Christian and Stephanie survived but are in a burn unit in AZ recovering. Stephanie is in a drug induced coma and has had multiple skin graph surgeries. Christian is a bit farther along in the recovery, just waking up last week.

"Sad" (you're thinking) "but why are you obsessed with them KN?"
Well, thank you for asking!
What makes their story so compelling is Stephanie as a mother.
"Huh?" (you're thinking)
Well, thank you for asking!
After reading her blog you just fall in love with her and her family. If you are a mom or wife you can see a bit of yourself in her. She is able to pull you into her little family moments through her simple photographs. Plus, she has a simple classic style that is just so hip.

I was first introduced to the Nielson Family through my friend Donna at Blessed Nest who was donating her AWESOME nesting (nursing) pillows to a Nie Nie Benefit auction.
Wait a minute (the thought dawns on me a month into my obsession) I have a business! I can donate too!

Thankfully Morgan of 'One More Moore' is ramrodding an Etsy Benefit for Nie Nie.
Thankfully I was able to be one of the hundreds to donate items for sale.
Thankfully you get to shop it!!!

Tuesday September 30th
7pm PST

For etsy shop updates visit One More Moore

To fall in love with the Nielsons visit the Nie Nie Dialogues

For Nielson Family updates visit C Jane Run (Stephanie's sister's blog)

1 comment:

Donna Blessed Nest said...

Thank you Kara!! I pray for them daily..I just have a heart (mini obsesion) for them as well!


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