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Friday, September 12, 2008

Get to share...

Eli was about a year old when he discovered that he didn't have to share his toys. You know, that pivotal moment when they loudly and clearly shout "MINE!" What a shock... surely I didn't teach him that... he learned it from that neighbor kid! Mmmmm.... wait a minute... "that's my cell phone... don't touch the laptop, it's mine".... oops!!! Reality check. He is listening. This was also a pivotal moment for mommy. I started to really think about how I phrased requests toward him.

Scenario A:
Eli: MINE!!!
Mommy: Eli, you share that toy right now!! Eli! If you don't share right now you will have a time out. Give her that toy.... Eli.... !?!?!!!
= Time out. Tears. And a general loathing for sharing (well loathing might be a bit extreme... but only a bit).

Scenario B:
Eli: MINE!!!
Mommy: Oh, Eli... your buddy is playing with you too. You get to share with her. You are so lucky that you have a friend over to share with. We are so blessed to have such fun friends to share this toy with.
= A fun perspective on sharing. Fun playdates filled with sharing bliss (well, bliss might be a bit extreme).

A picture of Eli and his "Bu-Dee" Iris SHARING a moment at the Eli's Lids photo shoot...

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