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Friday, May 21, 2010

Box Tops 4 Education

Everyone has a junk drawer!
Even the most organized of families.
Admit it. 
You have one!
Just so you don't feel so bad, I'll show you mine...
The junk drawer is the home of tape, rubber bands, and a catch-all for... well... everything.
In our humble abode the junk drawer is also the place where I put all our Box Tops 4 Education.
What!?!?! You don't know about Box Tops 4 Education??? Well, let me tell ya...
Cereal boxes, hamburger helper (not that any of us would cook something so high in fat...um...yeah), cake mixes, frosting, diapers and more have this lil' label somewhere on the packaging:
You cut those suckers out (don't send them in ripped because parent volunteers have to spend hours cutting them straight) and send them in to the school of your choice and they get money! 
YES MONEY!! See all the Box Tops FAQs.
If your child is in grade school there might already be a program in place, but if there isn't then you should start one. I mean, it's free money!
My kiddos aren't in school yet but I just couldn't throw out free money. So I started saving them about 3 years ago. I send them to an Elementary School near the neighborhood I grew up. I knew they could use the extra help!
You can donate to them too, just send your tops to:
Rio Vista Elementary School
310 N. Rio Vista
Anaheim, CA 92806
I'm hoping as my kiddos enter elementary school they will forgo their own school Box Top Program and choose to donate to a school that needs it more. We'll see!
Not all schools have a program so check the Box Tops site and call the school to make sure you are sending them to the correct person.
For the cost of a stamp (or a trip to the school you are donating to) you can make a huge difference in a lower income school.
The Box Tops site also has a handy printable coupon section for products you use all the time!

Side Note: Notice the envelope that says "Box Tops" with my initials on it? My mom clips Box Tops and other things she thinks I'll enjoy and fills an envelop to give me the next time she sees me. How cute is that??

Another Side Note: I didn't rearrange my junk drawer before I took the picture. There it is in all it's glory!


cherimarie said...

I love it! We let Kai cut them out and paste them on a special box top sheet from my mom's school. Kai gets so excited when he sees one of something we bought!

Auntie Sarah said...

You have everything in your junk drawer EXCEPT a stapler! Don't blame me for the "tamborines" falling apart.

rachael said...

Linking to your post on my blog! :)

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