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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Whew... an Easter Review!

I can't believe I never did an Easter Review!
I mean, it's my favorite holiday!!
Oddly enough it's also the only holiday Hot Hubby and I always exchange gifts!!!
Weird, huh?
You already saw our Eggs and our early morning.
The kiddos adored their Easter Baskets. Their favorite items were the capes from Stringbean Company...
Hot Hubby got new Rainbows and I got loads of candy and new Bare Essentials foundation. (Oh how I love a practical gift... I was just about out!!)
We headed over to my parents house for the usual home smoked tri-tip and all the fixins'! The tri-tip is the best. You should come next year and try it!
My parents throw the best Easter Egg Hunt. Some eggs are designated "big kid" eggs... as in they aren't filled with candy or stickers like the lil' kid eggs... they are filled with cash-o-la!! 
 This year, instead of one grand prize with $200 in it... OK... $20 :) There were 2 eggs with $10! Wouldn't you know it, one of the little ones got one of the $10 eggs. She threw the useless "paper" on the ground and took the candy out! HA!! We let her keep it... I mean, look how cute she is...
Here's our group shot! 
I love these folks. 
As I look at this picture the thing that strikes me most is only my parents and grandmom are blood related to me. (Not counting my children of the fetus, of course!)
I often wonder about family dynamics and relationships. 
Is there actually something about being "blood" related that makes you closer?
Is there something more powerful about the relationships that aren't blood? You know, the kind you choose!!
What makes a family?
I would love your thoughts!!
As the day wore on, it stated to get a bit chilly. Good thing we had our Lids!!

Now I'm off to the dentist to get a filling fixed. Because we wouldn't want to put Hot Hubby's bonus toward anything fun. Wahh wahhh wahhh...

I've been working on something REALLY REALLY REALLY awesome with Blessed Nest and BYOG
One hint... 
On the first Monday of every month our three businesses will be helping you. 
Yes, Y-O-U!!
The actual debut will be Monday, May 10th! (in honor of Mother's Day)
Check back here on the 10th. I promise it won't disappoint!!


rachael said...

Great day w/ friends! We love you guys! Haha... Iris w/ the $. So funny.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Seriously, girl, you are taking the blog to a whole new level. loving it. Hope you are well, not too long to go. xoxo Happy Mother's Day!xo

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