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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Visit me today at the Swapper!!

Hi Folks!
I'll be at the swapper (aka The OC Marketplace) today with my friend Cheri at Sweet Lily Tutus!
She has some new Birthday stuff for girls you will L-O-V-E!!
We'll also have the Baby Dazyed Journal... perfect gift for new moms! (I'll be using one in about 7 weeks)
Visit me.
The Eli's Lids SALE is almost over so get em' while they last!!
I'll give you a hug at the booth!!
Check my tweets or the Eli's Lids Facebook Fan page to find out what booth we'll be in.
Admission is only $2 (kiddos under 12 FREE)!
88 Fair Drive - Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Peace Out!!


Schultz Family said...

I cant believe baby # 3 will be here in less than 2 months... so exciting...

rachael said...

Look at that cute little boy in the $5 $10 $15 sale picture :)

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