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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day 2006 - fetus Eli gave me a snoogle...
Mother's Day 2007 - We started our tradition of a Mother's Day picnic after church...
I'm not a huge gift gal and I thought that a beach day/picnic tradition will carry on through their teen years. They can surf (with daddy) and scope out for hotties (do people still say that?) while I get my beach reading on!
(found out I was preggers with Cora Jane 3 weeks later!!)
Mother's Day 2008 - Hanging with Mommy friends at church. Can you find Eli and 3 month old Cora Jane?? I'm sure we went to the beach for a picnic but we must have forgotten our camera...
 Mother's Day 2009 - A walk and a picnic at the lake.
Mother's Day 2010 - We went to church then expected a hot afternoon for the beach picnic. But it was freezing!! Thank goodness I'm always ready with Lids in the car!!
We hit up Cafe Rio for lunch then went to get Cora Jane's first hair cut... because if you can't go to the beach you get your hair cut... right?? Very random... but I loved every second :) I'm thinking I have a date with the laundry pile this evening!
Being a mom rocks!! Whether you are soaking up the sun or doing laundry today, I'm sending you blessings!

Check back tomorrow, as we extend the MOM's Day fun with a big surprise!


rachael said...

Happy mother's day, KN! You inspire me almost every day. Really. So glad you have oodles of kids and can keep being such an awesome mom to more offspring.

rachael said...

Love that dress! Cute on you!

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