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Monday, October 12, 2009

Date Night with Ralphie May

Hot Hubby and I have date night every other week.
This night is sacred to us.
We don't waste our time with a movie every time.
We've enjoyed concerts in the park, pirate adventures, plays but one of our favorites is a night of comedy at our local Improv!
Last Friday we enjoyed Ralphie May (you may remember him from Last Comic Standing and celebrity Fit Club) with our friends the Newly Wed Mr. & Mrs. Hunter.

We laughed till our throats closed up and tears were streaming out of our eyes!After performing for 1 and a half hours (yes 1.5 hours of pure funny!!) Ralphie was out front to take pics with anyone. His wife Lahna Turner (a talented comedian too, who opened for her Hubby) was selling tee shirts and CDs. Ralphie and Lahna have 2 kiddos almost the same age as Eli and Cora Jane.
You know how you feel that Mommy BFF bond when you have a "mommy" thing in common? So I thought it would be super nice to give her some Lids.
After our pic with Ralphie I headed on over to the CD table and gave Lahna a card and told here I would love to send her some Lids.
I'm so not good as stuff like that because I feel like the person I'm offering Lids to will think I'm being shmoozy. Anyway, I was nervous I would look like an idiot and I may or may not have said I would stalk them.Still haven't gotten an email!

Got home at 11:30pm (we had to get a chocolate covered apple at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory before we left!) and the kiddos were still awake and high on skittles.
That's what happens when my dad (Nonno) watches them.
I can't complain though.
Free babysitting.
They were still alive.
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rachael said...

FUN date night!!! :)

The Glamorous Life Assoc said...

Thats it.
I totally want to be married to you.

(AND? You should always keep one lid rolled up with a ribbon around it with a card attached in your purse at all times. for just this kind of thing!!!! Just being bossy)


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