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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Accidentally on Purpose

I somehow got on the list of mom bloggers to go to a VIP taping of the new CBS comedy Accidentally on Purpose, little do they know I only have 2 readers (hi mom & grandmom!)!!
See what happened...I got to the CBS lots late (of course) and the page told me the show was canceled.
I wandered around for a bit then called the organizer (who was not too happy with me for calling) and somehow found my group of bloggers. Just in time...

We met Claudia Lonow the creator and mastermind behind Accidentally on Purpose. She was super nice and said I looked great after having 2 kiddos. I suspect she was lying through her teeth but that is the kind of lie everyone should tell. We may or may not have heard that the guys on the show have been around the block a few times.
I know.
Shocking. Young, cute Hollywood boys can get the girls!?! Whoda thought?

Jenna Elfman's character, Billie, has an adorable home on the show.
See for yourself...

We got full run of the set in between takes.
The idea is that all us tweeters/bloggers will tweet our hearts out with the hash tag #AccidentallyOnPurpose and it would be a fun tweet party. Of course, I'm the worst speller in the world and I was using the hash tag #AccidentlyOnPurpose. Oh well... that was the worst hash tag in the world... it should have been #aop or something... sigh.

One of the most interesting things was watching the important people watch the taping. They all sit in tall directors chairs staring at one TV screen. The screen is divided into 4 mini screens; each showing the actors from a different angle.
Someone would say action.
They would stare until they liked what they saw and someone would yell cut.
Very Hollywood.I go to meet other fun tweeters...

Two of the gals on the show are preggers in real life. Ashley Jensen (you might remember her from Ugly Betty) and Jenna Elfman (you might remember for being awesome).
Got my pic with Jenna.
She had her son on the set, Story Elias. I wanted to say "My son's name is Eli and your son's middle name is Elias, we almost have the same taste in names."
But I already felt like a total idiot getting a picture with her and I didn't want her to know I was a total dork too.
I didn't take any pics of her and Story. I felt kind of funny about it.
Actors choose the path of "celebrity" but their kids... and I really wouldn't want strangers taking pictures of my kiddos... anyway...

I went to a TV show taping in High School (California Dreaming) and this was very similar.
You sit, watch and laugh.
For a long time.
Luckily Accidentally on Purpose is well written and funny.
Remember how I got there late? I didn't get lunch because Hot Hubby and I were doing the kiddo/car switch-a-roo and when I got there I missed the snack time so by the end I was STARVING!
I passed a table...
After snapping that picture, I stuffed that sucker in my purse and inhaled it outside.
I got in the car to head on home and there was this...
To stay awake I took a bunch of self portraits.
I'll close with the group picture with the cast...
I'm standing next to someone famous from Melrose Place.
I'm not sure if he was in the old one or is in the new one.
I wasn't allowed to watch the old one and we don't have TV so I've never seen the new one.
Will someone let me know?
Whoever he is, he was very nice... but not nearly as handsome as my hubby :)


Marcie said...

You are a very funny lady. Great post!

Elaina M. Avalos said...

How fun was that? I've been to tapings before but never one where you get the behind the scenes tour and all. Fun!

He's from the Old Melrose place by the way.

Lorna Harris said...

I like your style!

Traffic was horrendous on the way home, I couldn't believe it. I was so bored. Next time I'll try taking some self portraits :)

(And yes, even I say so myself, that bag is so kick ass!)

Great to spend the afternoon with you!

Schultz Family said...

Grant Show... From old Melrose place... he was the one that dated Kelly on Beverly Hills 90210 to do the whatever to open up the plot for the spin off to Melrose place...

rachael said...

Fun! I'm so glad you're getting to do things like this!! :) Cool top! (And we like that show - AOP)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! My husband and I will be going to a taping of this show soon. Sounds like it will be a blast!

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