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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Simple Pirate Costumes!

Let's face it Halloween in a lame holiday... yep I said it.
Parents spend gobs of cash so their kid can go door to door at night begging for sweets (which you could buy for like $5) .
Why do I love it?
Because I'm LAME!
And I love sweets!
The only thing I don't like is the spending gobs of cash part.
Halloween costumes should be homemade and CHEAP!
This year we are going to be pirates.
Yes folks, "we" as in the whole fam-damily. (Because that's the way we roll!)
I was able to outfit all of us for about $15.00!!
Here's How... Pirate Eli
Vest: 1/2 yard of brown fabric for a vest. 1. measure your pirate's back across the outside of the shoulders (Eli's was 11"). 2. Measure from the bottom of their neck to their mid bottom (Eli's was 15").
3. Cut 2 11"x 15" pieces of fabric.
4. Leave one whole and cut the other one down the center longways.
5. Sew or hot glue (yes you can hot clue costumes!!) the tiny rectangles to the large one on the top, to form the shoulders, and sides leaving arm holes. (I didn't sew the whole way across on the shoulder of the vest so I could fold/iron it in for lapels)
Tee: White tee (from Sewing the Seed) with a skull and crossbones double stick taped over the picture.
Sash: About 1/8 of a yard of red knit fabric tied twice around his waist to create a pirate sword belt.
Pants: Brown Hurley pants we have rolled up to the ankle.
Hat/Sword/Hook: From the Dollar Tree
Pirate CoraKerchief: 1/2 yard of red knit fabric cut into a 25"x 17" triangle
Tee: Plain white tee we have.
Skirt: I made this one out of some fabric scraps I had. If you don't sew you can use anything you already have... jean or brown skirt; red, brown or jean pants rolled up.
(tip: If you buy or make a skirt keep it simple. This skirt will take us through Christmas because it looks like candy canes)
Boots: 1/4 yard of brown fleece. 1. Measure around your little pirates calf and add an inch (Cora's was 8.5") and from knee to ankle (Cora's was 7").
2. Cut into two 8.5"x7" rectangles.
3. Sew up the back and wear with brown shoes.
Waist sash: After looking at the pictures I think I'm going to cut out a large knit brown triangle to tie around her waist so she will look like a true pirate wench!
Pirate Daddy:
I made Hot Hubby a black vest, red sash, and brown "boots." He is just going to wear black pants and a white shirt he already has.
Pirate Mommy:
I made myself a red knit headband and a cut out a large red knit triangle for a girl waist sash. I'm wearing my own brown skirt, white shirt and boots.
Fabric totals for the 4 of us:
1.5 yards of red knit (boys' waist sashes, my waist sash, my headband & Cora's kerchief)
1/2 yard of brown fabric (Eli's vest & Cora's future waist sash)
1/2 yard of black fabric (Hubby's vest)
1/2 yard of brown fleece (Hubby and Cora's boots)

To my mommy friends,
Keep this "holiday" simple, get together with friends, be lights in your neighborhoods and most of all have Fun Fun Fun!! Halloween is a great time to be silly with your kiddos!
... but not too sleepy to cry the first half hour of my nap because I wanted to sleep in my pirate costume!


Frugalissa said...

Easton was a pirate when he was 2..He loved it. I loved it too. I may have the kids be pirates next yr. I am into the matching costume or theme thing and I will keep it up as long as they let me....Last yr they were mickey and Minnie. This yr Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I don't pay full price for anything let alone costumes. I get them at the sales I go to..

Mommy Daisy said...

Zachariah has been asking to be a pirate. I agree that Halloween is lame, but I don't really like it much. But, I do have good memories of trick-or-treating as a kid, and I want my son to have fun doing that too. So we'll take him. His "royal knight" costume I made him last year still fits, so I was going to make him wear that again. He keeps talking about being a pirate though, and I'm thinking that I can turn some of the knight costume into a pirate.

Anonymous said...

this is AWESOME! Thanks so much!!

AJ and Aly said...

megan wanted to be a pirate this year too!!

Angela said...

Those are awesome! You are so creative!

rachael said...

Love it! ... Another option: borrow a pirate costume from a good friend whose son outgrew his old pirate costume! (Thanks, friend).

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