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Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Restaurant is A Awesome

Remember Arches in Newport?
Remember how suddenly Arches was gone and then the place looked like a total dump?
Well it's been revamped from the inside out.
It is now A Restaurant.
No really, it's called A Restaurant and it is fantastico!
We met there for the latest BlogCrush meet up and I got to chat with Chris Brigandi (one of the partial owners). Here is the skinny on the big A: Arches went out of business and was going to get torn down until a bunch of locals (McG, Marc McGrath, Bob Hurley, & one of the guys from Social Distortion... sorry forgot which one) got together, spruced it up, and reopened the local joint. (Oh and in case you care, Chris' 5 kiddos were born at Hoag across the street, just like mine... don't you love my useless facts?!?)
Admittedly these guys don't know much about the restaurant biz but thankfully they know enough to hire people who do! As in Chef Vartan Abgaryan, from IronChef! (I only got to taste a small selection but it was good. Maybe Hot Hubby and I will head on over there for a date night and I can tell you more.)

After a bit-o-fun Chris took us next door to A Market. This place is Absolutely Adorable and a "must do" for anyone visiting Newport Beach. I would describe it as Mayberry meets Punk Rock. The market has vintage soda bottles, loads of wine and an awesome deli run by a local favorite, Pastry Chef Shelly Register.
I hope I'm still cool even though I shouted "Is there cheese?" as soon as the room was silent.
Probably not.
The answer is "YES!" There is cheese a plenty, in fact No Cheese Need Ever Be Alone.

What did I love most about the night? (you ask)
Knowing that some local guys wanted to do something for the community, they had the means to do it, and did!
That's what makes Orange County so unique.
(Suz and I in our vintage dresses holding vintage soda... we are dorks)

On the way home Hot Hubby and I headed on over to a personal favorite, Sushi Zen Bistro. Can you blame us? We had a babysitter so we couldn't waste the rest of the night!!
If you like sushi check it out. The rolls are so so but the sushi is delish. And the price is right for these parents!!

See some of my peeps' take on the night...
Marcy from the Glamorous Life Association 'The night I was suppose to bartend. But just drank instead.'
Marcie Taylor's pictures from the event here! (warning I have a double chin in this shot!)


Hot Hubby said...

A night out with a hot woman (in a vintage dress) and no kids...sounds like a blast to me. Sign me up.

Angry Julie Monday said...

You crack me up!!

Gosh I look huge in that picture, and well angry...LOL

Sarah said...

Great post..You should consider networking with the moms in the bizymoms Newport-beach community.

Suz Broughton said...

Hey! I'm not a dork! ... alright fine! So I am! I thought we looked very '50s in our dresses.
Great post.

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