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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tutorial: Repurpose a Men's Shirt into a Boy's Shirt

Click here to see the explanation for each picture! Hope you like it. I promise it is pretty easy. I just did loads of pictures so it would be super clear.

The dress shirt turned out awesome! Every time Eli has worn it people are shocked I made it from one of Hot Hubby's old shirts.
I haven't taken any pictures since I sewed on the front pocket. I'll try to get some soon!
I hope you try this and have as much fun making the dress shirt as I did :)


Anonymous said...

Seriously. This is AWESOME! Have I mentioned that I love your style? I wish that I could sew worth a flip, and that I had a little boy to make shirts for.

Awesome tutorial, easy-to-follow, and the end result is perfecto!

Anonymous said...

You're very talented! I would never even try this.


AJ and Aly said...

you rock!!!

Aracely--Daytrippingmom said...

I love this tutorial. I need to learn how to sew!

rachael said...

Love the shirt.
Love the post.
Great step-by-step!

sunnymum said...

Wow! You've got amazing skills!

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