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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Photo Wall Collage

Ever since the debut of my mantel when I professed my love of coffee and then again when my mantel wished everybody a Happy 4th of July I have had requests for a tutorial for the wall collage.
First a bit of background: I wanted something big and bold for over the mantel but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a huge piece of art with no meaning. I was inspired by the dining room of favorite blog (Nie Nie Dialogues). They filled their whole wall with pictures and I decided to modify it into an an art piece.
Now you make one!!
You'll need: Pictures, digital camera, wall putty.
1. Pick your favorite family pictures. Keep the pictures simple and try to get some close up.
2. Enlarge your VERY favorite ones to 8x10 (I did 12), and some to 5x7 (I did 17) & keep some 4x6 (I did 12). Change the pix to sepia.
3. Print (duh!)
4. Pick one picture to be your focal point (I chose one from our wedding) and start arranging the pictures on the floor around it. When you have it just right snap a picture with a digital camera; this will become your key to put up on the wall.
5. Now it's time to put your masterpiece up on the wall. Start in the center (outlined in red on this picture) just like you did on the floor. Use the putty to stick it on the wall. (I popped the picture on the laptop so it would be easier to see)

Don't forget to take a break for some silliness! I was wearing the flower petals the whole time.DONE!What's on my mantel? (you ask)
1. Wall Collage
2. Family Mission Statement
3. Super fun Halloween Tradition we do every year
4. Halloween Craft coming in October
5. The sole survivor of my everlasting pumpkins from last year
6. The awesome vintage Halloween kitty from my favorite store, The Dollar Tree.
7. The candle I won from Peace Love & Momminess at the OC Bloggers Ball
8. The awesome bottles from the Pink Lemonade from Trader Joe's that I just can't throw out. You know I love containers!
Have you entered our Birthday Bash giveaways...
...2 adorable onsies: a pink one that says 'Blessed' a blue one that says 'I'm the answer to prayer' size 3-6 months. Here! Ends 9/16
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... a photo session with Monkey Moon Photography here. (Southern California folks or people willing to come to OC for the shoot only please) Ends 9/19
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See the full list of giveaways coming the next 2 months here!

1 comment:

rachael said...

I heart your wall collage and want to do one myself -- one day... :)

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