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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brownie Spatula

We like brownies.
A lot.
I have this handy spatula we call the "Brownie Spatula." My Grandmom got it for me from Pampered Chef with the promise we would use it for everything.
She was right!
When Michelle from Single Mom Sanctuary told me she would donate something from Pampered Chef to our Birthday Bash Giveaways I asked for the "Brownie Spatula" (which is actually called the Mini-Serving Spatula). But Michelle being her sweet self offered to host a $50 giveaway instead.
How lucky are you!?!?
When you win, get the Brownie Spatula it's only $4.50 so you'll still have plenty of loot left!

Brownie Do's...
~Add chocolate chips to the mix before baking
~Sprinkle chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, white chocolate chips, sprinkles on top about 10 minutes before it's done baking.
~Use milk instead of water for fluffiness (thanks for that tip Buffy!)
~Use clear glass baking dish so you can bring it to a potluck fresh out of the oven and it still looks pretty.
Brownie Don'ts...
~Put the candles in right after baking. They will melt.

Do you have any brownie tips? Let me know cuz we LOVE us some brownies :)
That awesome cake stand in the top picture is just like the 4 we will have up for a Birthday Bash giveaway this month!! Yep, 4 lucky readers will get one. But not that one... it's mine!
Don't forget to enter our other Birthday Bash Giveaways...
...a vintage inspired cartoon tee shirt here! Ends 9/10
...2 adorable onsies: a pink one that says 'Blessed' a blue one that says 'I'm the answer to prayer' size 3-6 months. Here! Ends 9/16
... $50 to Pampered Chef here. Yes! $50!!!! Ends 9/15
See the full list of giveaways coming the next 2 months here! (15+)


The Beading Gem said...

I love brownies too and like the microwave brownie ones - almost instant gratification!!

Angry Julie Monday said...

I use that for a brownie spatula too. I love Pampered Chef. I have a ton of their stuff.

Ashley said...

BROWNIES!!!!! I have to keep them out of my house, otherwise I will eat them ALL!!!

I'm hoping I win that PC shopping spree!! :) I LOVE PC!!! :)

clallen said...

my brownie do i learned from trial and error, lightly spray your baking pan before you pour the mix in and let the brownies cool completely before trying to remove them from the dish... we love brownies too!

Mommy Daisy said...

I love brownies! I just made a batch using a Hershey's recipe with their Heath bits. Mmmm!

Also I have 2 mini-serving spatulas (I used to be a consultant for PC), and usually at least one is in use if not both at all times. They are just that awesome.

Also, my favorite brownie recipe I got from a Pampered Chef meeting! It uses the large Hershey's Symphony bars that bake in the middle of the brownies! COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!

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